Roses and Thorns |

Roses and Thorns

A thorn to the city of Aspen Community Development Department for allowing a section of downtown (old Gap building, new Aspen Art Museum, that other building a block west of the new museum) to turn into a mega-construction zone. Weren’t there supposed to be rules to keep so many projects from happening simultaneously?

A rose to the people who visit Aspen every year to celebrate the life and music of John Denver as well as the Mountain Chalet for being the group headquarters for the event. This influx of visitors come from all over the world and puts some life in Aspen during one of the slowest retail times of the year. The Mountain Chalet is once again sold out for an entire week and hosts sing-alongs every day (and night).

A rose for the Snowmass Village Town Council for finally agreeing to consider some action in regard to the dog-abuse allegations at Krabloonik. Although we don’t know when that action will happen, it’s encouraging to see council members taking an active interest in addressing the problem and wanting to get started right away.

Also, a thorn for the Snowmass Village mayor for dismissing the public comments made about Krabloonik at that same council meeting. Discounting the seriousness of the allegations does nothing to advance the issue.

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