Roses and Thorns

A thorn to the Aspen Golf Club for closing the municipal course to season passholders on multiple occasions this summer, whether it was for the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s free outing or a recent parent-child tournament that fell on a Sunday. The latest closure is expected to take place on another Sunday, Sept. 14. Surely play can be worked around the 11 a.m.-to-2 p.m. event.

A thorn to parallel-parkers in Aspen who insist on taking at least two parking spots at a time. Aspen can be challenging enough, parking-wise, without people getting greedy with the limited street parking.

Roses to Keith Bulicz, of the city of Aspen’s Parks and Recreation Department, for putting on another successful Aspen Mac & Cheese Fest on Saturday. The event, which has grown into a locals’ favorite, marked its fourth consecutive year.

Thorns go to the anglers who leave their worm containers, beer cans and other trash in the water of Lake Christine in Basalt. For such a nice area, it’s too bad some people can’t clean up after themselves.


WineInk: The 2023 vintage

“2023 predicted to be the Vintage of a Lifetime in Napa Valley,” proclaimed the headline this week in a press release sent out by the Napa Valley Vintners, the trade organization that represents the growers and producers in America’s most famed wine region. If there is anyone more optimistic than winemakers, it is the group that represents them.

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