Romero: Good for Aspen |

Romero: Good for Aspen

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’m pulling for Bill Guth in this Aspen City Council race. You have heard it before, but it deserves 
repeating: Good governance matters. A lot. Good governance starts with a broad and full 
representation of as many voices within the community as possible.

This is where he can help. His experiences as a business owner of multiple entrepreneurial enterprises in Aspen, as well as his role as a husband and as a father of three young children, all combine to add further reach and understanding at the council table.

Many in the community will resonate with these experiences. This is hugely important to all of us — to know that we are truly represented and heard, that our voice is honored and included. That’s when we begin to regain confidence and trust in our elected leaders, at all levels. 

Bill will work with his fellow council members to help strengthen the discussion and the debate, help shape a unified direction, and help improve the decision-making abilities of Aspen City Council.

He is wise but humble, experienced but open to new ideas, committed but also collaborative. A great set of balances. No matter the debate or challenge, he will be good for Aspen.

Give him one of your council votes on or before March 7.

Dwayne Romero 
Campaign Treasurer, Bill Guth for Aspen