Romero and Marolt for Aspen school board |

Romero and Marolt for Aspen school board

Romero and Marolt for school board

The election for Aspen School District board of trustees is always an important one. I (Charla) served for eight years on the Board of Education and know firsthand the work that can be accomplished on behalf of our kids when there is a high-functioning board at the helm. For this reason I urge you to join us in voting to re-elect Susan Marolt and Dwayne Romero. Both of these current board members have spent countless hours leading the district with calm, directed, intelligent and thoughtful discourse. They are both highly respected for their friendly demeanor and ability to listen well before taking action. They are collaborative, effective and outstanding leaders.

Under their leadership, the Aspen School District has seen improvement in many areas: The IB math and English scores have increased significantly in the past three years as compared to the World IB Average; the staff satisfaction survey has improved; and the Community Satisfaction Survey revealed more than 71 percent of parents believe the district is preparing their child for success after graduation. There is always room for improvement, but Romero and Marolt have a proven record of tackling the areas for improvement head on, and the results show it is working.

All of the issues being discussed in this campaign have been priorities of the board for several years. They are making good progress in each of these areas. I urge you to keep that momentum going. We will see much faster, and effective results with the collaborative approach that has been in effect. Re-electing Romero and Marolt will allow the district to continue the positive improvements as well as necessary changes with the times, all to benefit our kids.

I recall years when we have had to appoint board members because no community members had stepped up to run for election for this critical role. How fortunate we are this year to have a full slate of such educated, passionate, experienced and diverse candidates! We thank them all for their willingness to serve. And thank you for voting for Marolt and Romero.

Charla and Tim Belinski


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