Roger Marolt: Q is a double agent |

Roger Marolt: Q is a double agent

Roger Marolt
Roger This

QAnon perpetuated the idea of a rigged presidential election. They ought to know — they rigged it. The thing is, it didn’t happen the way they claim it did. Rather than Democrats stuffing ballot boxes and tinkering with ballots and election booths, QAnon messed with people’s minds. QAnon got Republicans to self destruct.

In hindsight, it looks like it was designed to ruin the Grand Old Party from the get-go. But, it wasn’t engineered by a sophisticated cabal of baby-eating, liberal, Satan-worshiping pedophiles, as the story goes. It’s more likely a group of comp-sci majors came up with it after a night of drinking. We’re talking beer and pizza-gate.

The irony of QAnon makes it too rich to be serious. The tease is too poignant, the punch line cutting so precisely through the heart of the target that victims didn’t feel it. It’s a masterpiece of leading an ass to water and then pushing it in when it lowers its head to drink.

Step back and take an honest look. You have an anonymous digital dude, Q, who claims to have super-high government security clearance that enables him to uncover damning evidence about an evil cabal that is set on destroying democracy and turning the U.S. into a gigantic “Lord of The Flies” island. Why? Well, it’s so they can control us. Ooookay. What exactly do they want us to do? Good question.

So, why didn’t Q call the police with his evidence? The answer is that the police are in on it. Well then, how about the FBI? Well, they’re in on it, too. CIA? Same thing. The newspapers, radio stations, TV reporters? They’re more into it than anyone. The only one who can help is Donald Trump. Cue the laugh track.

The silly thing is, if you start adding up all the people Q alleges are part of the evil cabal set on electing socialistic anarchists to political office in order to destroy the country, it seems like there are probably enough of them that they can win all elections simply by registering to vote and showing up at the polls. There’s no need for secrecy. Call that a cabal if you like, but it sounds like a simple majority of voters to me.

The irony gets richer. Has anyone paid attention to the result of Q’s efforts? You don’t have to look hard. Q promoting conservatism has the Republican Party in total confusion. They are currently a chaotic mess, utter disarray! They have lost their identity. There is no core set of beliefs. They lack any vision beyond the stage at a Trump rally. Q is the enemy within!

“Watch those coastal elites,” Q said. “Be careful of the radical left,” Q warned. “You can’t trust a liberal,” Q claimed. And, POOF! the conservative party self-destructs, not gradually or in a reformative way, but in a spectacular implosion on the steps of the Capitol that could be seen coming from as far away as four years ago that has left only the most stubborn of Trump supporters giving us not a big thumbs-up, but rather a double entendre “OK” hand signal through a cloud of tear gas.

It wasn’t the Russians behind QAnon. They wanted Trump to succeed. Once things started turning, they would have changed tactics. Instead, the jokesters at QAnon doubled down on what was working just fine. Brilliant!

The other great irony with QAnon, besides ruining the political movement it claimed to espouse, is that it stoked fear of fake mainstream news by feeding its adherents a steady diet of the most blatantly fake news the pranksters could dream up: That the CIA controls Kim Jong-Un; Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter; the Clintons, Barack Obama and George Soros were planning a coup against Trump (guess they didn’t plan quickly enough); and mass shootings in our country were organized by the baby-eating cabal to make gun rights activists look bad (makes sense?), to point out a few.

Q also made many predictions, almost none of which came true. But, never mind that, it was all satisfactorily explained away, as is so easy to do with nonsense.

Obviously, this prank has gone too far. People have died. We were all fooled by QAnon. Liberals wrongly assumed it was aimed at harming their platform, and conservatives erroneously embraced it, believing it was bolstering their causes. We should take this as a lesson and hope we don’t get fooled again.

Roger Marolt understands that the best way to cover a big deception is to promote it with great detail. Email at

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