Roger Marolt: It’s about saving lives … and souls |

Roger Marolt: It’s about saving lives … and souls

Roger Marolt
Roger This

Abortion is not an act of anger or hatred. It is an act born of fear, the fear of being unable to provide a safe, healthy, happy and productive life. Reducing abortions is about reducing fear. We have the resources to instill the hope necessary to inspire desire to preserve life.

Before we waste one more breath fighting over changing man’s law, presuming ours to carry more weight than God’s, we need to do these things that could change minds and hearts instead:

1. End racism: We need to comfort and assure mothers and fathers that they are able to bring a precious child into this world that will be universally accepted no matter what color its skin. Parents need assurance that all children have a chance to succeed and that their destiny is supported by society’s full acceptance and total respect for our shared humanness.

2. Reverse global warming: We must prioritize reversing the trend of our warming climate that threatens expanding world hunger, thirst, the spread of disease, diminishing the places humans can inhabit comfortably, multiplying destructive weather-related events and jeopardizing our existence. We need to demonstrate a commitment to preserving a more predictable environment to sustain hopes for all children’s future prosperity and comfort.

3. Shatter the glass ceiling: We need to make sure women are not only respected equally in the workplace, but to also nourish the expectations that they will be able to contribute economically to the health and well-being of their families, if necessity and/or desire dictates. This is critical not only to expectant mothers and fathers, but to the children they hopefully raise to become productive, confident providers to their own families.

4. Develop a compassion-based and supportive immigration policy: It is imperative to send the message that keeping families together and thriving is of utmost importance. If a child in the womb is presumed precious, so shall be all children from everywhere else, out of our sight and across borders, whose parents seek a sustainable, happy life for it.

5. Guarantee secondary education for every child: The world economy has demonstrated that a college education is no longer a tool for getting ahead. Post-high school education and training sets the baseline for what is required in a technologically advanced world. The brawn of an agrarian society has been replaced by brains in a service-based world economy. Even if a person doesn’t use their advanced education to make a living, it provides the confidence to embrace an expanded worldview founded in truth, knowledge and logic.

6. Guarantee full medical care for all families: It would seem to go without saying that basic, quality health care must be available to all in a society that is hoped to be seen as cherishing all life. If it does, then it is time to stop “saying” and start doing. Mothers and fathers doubting their desire to bring children into this world where that child might suffer chronic lack of health care and every social disadvantage that comes from this, need assurance that this will not happen to any human being under our care.

7. Expand K-12 school meal programs to include grab-and-go breakfasts and take-away after school snacks: Children need nourishment to remain productive and free from stigmatization. No parent on Earth could bear to see their child go hungry. Many would rather not have the child than subject it to this kind of suffering.

8. Eliminate the death penalty: This is a barbaric practice that justifies killing. It promotes the wrong mindset toward valuing life.

In short, we need to demonstrate that there is no such things as a unwanted child. We must prove this with actions and attitudes. We must make this a place where doubtful parents become convinced that it is a great place for children to grow up, without anxiety about attaining the most basic things required for a decent life lived.

This will be expensive, but what is a saved human life worth? What are a million lives saved annually worth? We must be willing to pay to save them. It comes down to that. We profess to would-be mothers that adoption is always an option. Here’s our chance to adopt all of these unborn children in our hearts and make certain their basic needs are met.

Or, we can keep fighting over the legality of abortion, expanding the volume of hatred and distrust, to no avail and never coming closer to a solution.

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