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Riffe: Enshrining women’s right to choose

By overturning Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court overturned women’s right to keep control over our own bodies. We have already seen the true cruelty of this decision: A 10-year-old rape victim refused an abortion; a woman whose fetus has no chance of survival forced to carry it because her doctor could face life in prison for reducing her suffering.

But, we are not far from the possibility of having this tragedy reversed. Congress can pass a law enshrining a woman’s right to choose. In fact, the House has already passed it in the form of The Women’s Health Protection Act.

This law could be passed by a simple majority if 50 senators voted to overturn the filibuster.

Currently, two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, have refused. But, if Democrats are able to keep a majority in the House and gain two more seats in the Senate, the filibuster will be overturned and a woman’s fundamental right to control her own body will be made legal again.

In Colorado, Sen. Michael Bennet has consistently supported women’s right to choose while his opponent, Joe O’Dea, has pushed for restrictions.

Adam Frisch believes that the government has no place in decisions between a woman and her doctor. His opponent, Lauren Boebert, has passed over a dozen bills restricting women’s right to access reproductive health.

It’s time to get angry and reclaim our rights! Get registered, and vote Nov. 8 for Sen. Michael Bennet and U.S. Rep. Adam Frisch!

Adele Riffe


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