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Rickenbaugh: 2B’s not a new tax

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing to encourage everyone to vote “yes” on the ballot measure to extend the city of Aspen sales tax for Parks and Open Space. This is not a new tax! We have been paying for and enjoying the fruits of it for a couple of decades.

This measure only renews the tax, something that happens every 10 years. Over the years, this tax has funded the purchase and maintenance of open spaces such as the Moore property (think playing fields), Sky Mountain Park, Smuggler Mountain and the Hummingbird Claim in Hunter Creek — as well as a lot of smaller properties and trail connections that make it so easy and fun to move around town and our trails.

All of us use and enjoy these places, so let’s make sure we can continue to steward them. Vote “yes” on city ballot issue 2B!

Anne Rickenbaugh