Richman: Hold on a minute with taxing questions |

Richman: Hold on a minute with taxing questions

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So Pitkin County is thinking about asking property owners whether they would support enacting a new tax this November. I would urge all residents to tell the pollsters that this year, of all years, is the wrong time for a new tax.

I am still dealing with the sticker shock from the 140% increase in my property value, which I received earlier this month, and I know many other residents are feeling this, too.

Until we see which of our taxing entities will reduce their mill levies to partially offset this astronomical increase in valuation (Thank you, CMC, for leading the way!), and until we see our actual tax bills in January, I believe all county residents should just say “not now” to any request for a new property tax.

Alan Richman

Old Snowmass