Reece: I’m in the biz, I know |

Reece: I’m in the biz, I know

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As an aspen bar and restaurant owner, I try to be very careful about what I say and how I say it when it comes to my own experiences in the Aspen area. No names, no sour grapes, just saying what I think needs to be said, and hopefully it will help — rather than hinder — a new business.

Many times, have I heard gripes about places I own or have owned only to scratch my head because I never knew there was an issue. Sure, employees make mistakes, make decisions I would have disagreed with, or even just don’t care about the business itself. I’d like to think the owners weren’t aware in this case.

That being said, I once again find it comical that yet another newcomer to our market has played his “locals” card in the newspaper without really having a solid comprehension of what “locals” might consider local. If locals need to be on a list or reserve a table, then I am most certainly not local, but it doesn’t mean someday I won’t be a rewarding loyal customer. And when my friends are in town, as we were on a Sunday night, we spend with the best of em.

Sometimes something as simple as a look around and a beer can make all the difference in the world, especially in a town where restaurateurs and their investors can quickly learn how millionaires become thousand-aires with one off-season.

I’m at the top of the list for being able to do better, and as much as I hate hearing what might be considered criticism, it is exactly what’s needed to improve and succeed in our fickle market.

Perhaps we are not the clientele you are gunning for, but if any Aspen business says they are going to take care of the locals, do it the best you can. If that’s not the plan, just say so, or at least equip the staff with a better line than we got. 

Mark Reece