Rawles III: Will project happen?

Yes, one problem in Pitkin County, and the various other municipalities located within, is that the various elected officials making decisions seem to only come from those receiving subsidized employee housing. It is a very limited strata of who actually lives and pays taxes in the valley.

More unfortunately, they seem to to see things through their own very limited prism. The threat to pull advertising was predictably heavy handed. Does it potentially open those commissioners, or worse, the municipalities they represent to legal liability?  

Now that Doronin has bought the parcel, I have my doubts as to whether this project even gets built. It may well be that the purchase funds are only being “parked” there from unknown sources. I believe Aspen Times readers would like to know if the purchaser is actually spending any money on the project and/or showing any signs of moving forward to completion of the project as approved.

There are certainly well established deadlines that must be met, and the people in Pitkin County Planning and Zoning certainly would know what’s going on.

Benjamin W. Rawles III

Richmond, Va.