Princess: Of course I’m with her |

Princess: Of course I’m with her

Ali Margo
The Aspen Princess

So my cousin Jeff is this young Republican.

He’s my second cousin, actually, and he’s in his 20s, and he just graduated from a prestigious law school and will soon join a prestigious law firm. He’s a staunch conservative who worked for Ted Cruz’s campaign, a proud tea party kid who is against abortion and gay rights and is proudly toeing the conservative party line. He fills his Facebook feed with political rhetoric, posting links to the blog posts he writes for His last piece was titled “Cheeto Jesus really stinks at the whole party unity thing.”

So that’s one thing we agree on.

We don’t see each other often, but we both know it’s best to leave politics off the table. Knowing how much it’s divided our nation, just imagine what it might do to a little Jewish family from New York.

My dad is a die-hard liberal. He’s fanatical about politics and current events, often watching, listening and reading various news programs simultaneously, his iPad perched on his lap with one earbud in as his ridiculously huge TV plays all the news shows with the volume on full blast as my mom hollers, “Richard! Turn it down, for Christ’s sake!” He loves to engage in debate and spew all his knowledge at the slightest provocation.

The way I was raised, it was to always look over your shoulder, as if Hitler could rise from the dead at any moment and decide to re-kill all the Jews. So our job is to make sure that never happens again. All I can say is thank God Ivanka Trump’s kids have the last name Kushner.

I guess I’m a member of Generation X and grew up in easy times with Reagan and Clinton. (I’m sorry, but there is no one on this Earth more charming, and yes, he does “still got it,” though I’m wondering if he’s had any work done. His face is just so smooth and taut. Is that from all the running or sucking on a saxophone for all those years?) I have never seen war in my lifetime, at least not one that required a draft or involved anyone I knew personally. Of course there was 9/11, which did affect many people I knew personally in life-altering ways, but it does feel like we as a nation are at some kind of boiling point, and it’s scaring me a little.

I have always been politically apathetic; it just sort of felt like it was out of my hands. My feeling was that we live in a corporate economy, not a democracy. And while we all love to idealize the ’60s, all that free love and long hair and drugs and protest, I missed it by a year. I do remember disco, and I had a birthday party at the roller-skating rink in third grade and listened to the Bee Gees, which is pretty cool, but still. I never felt passionate about any cause. I never felt like my voice mattered or like I could make a difference if I tried. So why get all riled up about something I have no control over? I always kind of figured living in the Rockies I’d probably be pretty safe from bombs, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Gun violence? Not so much.

It turns out I was right. Big oil, drug companies and the National Rifle Association do run our government. But now we have bigger problems. It turns out racism is still as rampant now as it was in the ’60s, but instead of segregation, our cops are just running around killing innocent black people. And now a woman’s right to choose is not something to be taken for granted, because apparently Supreme Court decisions made 40 years ago are up for debate once again.

Furthermore, I’m a spoiled little Jewish girl, and even I can’t afford health insurance or the $10,000 it cost to have the babe. So I pay all this money, and then I pay more money and still get nothing. I would think even rich Republicans would be bothered by that.

Then we live in a society where crazy people can waltz in and buy a semi-automatic weapon and run around killing people, which of course is why the cops are so trigger happy; they’re terrified of getting shot themselves, and who can blame them? Just don’t assume it’s going to be the black guy! God!

And now we have an orange dude running for president who wants to kick out all the immigrants and build a wall, a raving lunatic who thinks all Muslims are terrorists, who makes fun of disabled people and is totally sexist and, as shallow as it sounds, is just so hard to even look at (Cheeto Jesus is right).

And the worst part is we finally have a woman who could possibly become president, a woman with all the right credentials, a woman with a ton of experience, with a lifetime in public service, a woman who is indestructible and knows firsthand what’s going on in the world from her time as secretary of state. Plus, she’s bulletproof which especially in this day and age (what with gunmen running rampant in our streets), is a pretty important quality for a leader. Is it not?

And we should be celebrating that, right? But I have friends, good friends, who call her “Killary” and fill their Facebook feeds with articles about how she is a witch who should be burned at the stake because what is more threatening than a powerful woman?

And I have to bite my tongue and sit on my hands and resist the urge to type, because I don’t want to get into it with them; I don’t want to see my friends and family divided, too.

But I will say this: I’m with her.

The Princess remembers the hope we all had when Obama got elected in 2008. Email your love to


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