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Power: The wrong solution

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a fifth-generation Aspenite, I believe Aspen voters should reject 2A’s $9 million tax increase on short-term rentals. While affordable housing is a critical issue in our community, 2A is the wrong solution. 

2A will place a huge tax on condos that have been part of the city’s lodging base for more than a half-century. This tax unfairly singles out condos by adding a new tax on top of existing taxes already paid by these units (Hotels and fractionals are not included in the tax).

Most importantly, these accommodations are not causing the city’s housing crunch. Aspen’s condos don’t deprive our local workforce of needed housing because the units were designed and located specifically for visitors. They were never meant to be housing for local residents and never housed them to begin with. Instead, their intended purpose is to provide affordable lodging within Aspen’s thriving tourism economy, which brings spending into our community that supports businesses and the local workforce.

2A may have the opposite effect by making these accommodations more expensive, pushing out what is left of a “normal” Aspen visitor looking for a more down-to-earth option for their stay. Or visitors might just rent one of the STRs in our neighborhoods instead of staying in the condos meant for skiers and vacationers, putting pressure on our neighborhoods. 

Let’s say no to 2A. This tax is the wrong solution to an important community issue.

Connie Power