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Poutous: We need change

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing in support of Tracy Sutton for mayor.

I believe she will bring thoughtfulness and care to a City Council that currently seems to discount the needs of the community unless they fit with the agenda that this council has. We need a mayor who will listen to all of the different groups of citizens about their needs, can think for herself, as well as work with diversity. 

I was appalled to see Ward Hauenstein’s letter saying that she should have prior City Council experience before running for mayor, even though neither Torre nor Ward had any such experience themselves. Do you think that experience teaching tennis is a better background to be mayor than being business owner for decades in this town? Or is it because Tracy is a woman?

I have heard Torre boasting about how proud he is of everything he’s accomplished when in fact he has failed to get much done in his four years as mayor. He said the developer who has most of the projects resulting in big holes around town told him he is already collecting rent on some of these projects and has no incentive to hurry to get them done. Could this be true? If so, why doesn’t the city enforce performance bonds that require the developers to keep steady progress in construction and meet a completion date? Also, there is money for building employee housing, yet I don’t see much gain during the four years that Torre has been mayor. 

I don’t want to hear a politician just say what they think we want to hear or what they think will get them elected. We need improvement. We need change!

Please vote Tracy for mayor.

Marcia Poutous