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Poschman: Mrs. Grant an Aspen institution

I was saddened to hear of the passing of one of Aspen’s extraordinary and beloved first grade teachers.

Eugenia Grant was a one-woman literary institution at Aspen Elementary School. Mrs. Grant taught many of us to read. I remember the moment distinctly. Working through the mild adventures of Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot, I haltingly sounded out the letters and fragments of words for her.

She leaned over me, looked down sternly, and with a verbal shove she said something like “Go on and connect the words already! Read it!” — and I was off like a baby bird pushed out of the nest.

I’m struck by how many Aspen kids tell the same story, and my heart is filled with renewed gratitude for Mrs. Grant, and for all the fantastic teachers our community depends upon to civilize us and make our lives richer. 

Greg Poschman

Pitkin County Commissioner