Platts: Savoring Fall |

Platts: Savoring Fall

by Barbara platts

Most of the leaves may be gone from the trees in the high country, but that doesn’t mean autumn has left us yet.

During the offseasons in Aspen, we always have such a high expectation for what comes next (either an event-crazed summer or a snow-packed winter) that we often forget to live in the moment and appreciate each season for all that it offers. It’s difficult when we have so much to look forward to. Last week, A-Basin opened a slope or two, officially “starting the ski season” in Colorado. Loveland Ski Area will do the same sometime this week. With the race towards winter, it’s easy to scoot fall aside. But even though you are counting down the days until the slopes open at Aspen snd Snowmass, try to remember that fall is worth savoring.

Here are a few suggestions for how to do that…

Consume pumpkin and

apple every single day

These are pretty much the two main food groups in the fall, and they rarely disappoint. Whether it’s pie, bread, soup, seeds, risotto, cookies, beer or a delicious spice latte — everything, repeat EVERYTHING, is better with pumpkin. The same goes with apples for the most part. Try them in cider, covered in caramel, baked into pies, ground into a sauce, mixed into stuffing … the list goes on and on…

Find the perfect

Halloween costume

At this point, you only have a few days left until All Hallow’s Eve. If you have yet to figure out your costume (admittedly, I’m in that boat) then it is due time you rushed over to the Thrift Shop of Aspen and/or Carl’s Pharmacy and solved your current identity crisis. Some popular choices this year are political celebs like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the Joker’s Girlfriend from the Suicide Squad (a.k.a. Harley Quinn), anything Star Wars and/or zombies (because, apparently, those never get old).

Frolic in the leaves

The leaves may not be attached to their branches anymore, but they are certainly all over the ground. Go back to early childhood with a little romp in the leaves. You remember the days when your afternoon chore was to rake the leaves in the yard? You would work diligently, scooting each leaf into one big pile. And then, just when it was time to put them in a garbage bag, you leaped in the air and landed on the large pile. If that isn’t pure joy, I just don’t know what is.

Get crafty

Fall is a time for new beginnings. It’s the start of school and the conclusion of the calendar year. Plus, it’s when the temperatures start to drop and our summertime outdoor activities begin to dwindle. It’s when all you want to do is slip on a pair of thick wool socks, a big sweater, flannel pajamas, and then proceed to spend the whole day in front of a fireplace. Well, while your there, why not get a bit crafty? Fall craft activities are some of the best. Start by making sure you have the most creative jack-o’-lantern on the block. Then, maybe paint some gords, wrap fabric around acorns, take up knitting and create your winter wardrobe. The options are endless.

Watch football

Admittedly, I’m not a big football fan. The only game I can be sure to watch every year is the Super Bowl and that’s mainly because it gives me an excuse to eat unlimited amounts of pigs in a blanket and hot wings. However, fall is football season. The two go together relatively well, according to millions of Americans. So, let’s give some pigskin a try. Go Broncos!

One of my favorite things about Colorado is that I can never choose a favorite season. Whichever one I’m currently in is always the best. Take some time this October and November to enjoy autumn. Don’t worry…you won’t miss any of winter in the process.

Barbara Platts wants to know what your favorite fall activity is. Email her at