Plachta: Best interests of magical town |

Plachta: Best interests of magical town

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Down to the wire with just a few days left. Another election.

So how do you choose the best candidate? Simple: Vision + Character and Integrity + Service over self = Skippy. 

He has tirelessly committed an immense amount time to council. He oversaw and contributed to decisions that undoubtedly serve the best interest of this magical town. Of course, there were controversial topics. But there is no ulterior motive for him, ever. The candor and dedication he offered conveyed a message of how qualified he is to best represent this community and it’s future. 

Aspen has changed. Skippy meets it head-on with openness but a desire for preservation. I have seen it first-hand. When challenged, his first response is always to listen, to provide the community a voice. True service over self. Community is everything to him, and his determination does not waiver. 

Apart from knowing this genuine soul for near two decades, it is clear Aspen is in his blood. Aspen is home, and he only cares to preserve the lifeline that creates the magic in this town. His energy is translational and without a doubt will continue to fight for this idea. 

Aspen, it’s easy to resort to comfortable. Trust he will represent you, the community. That’s all he wants. He will serve this position with honor, character, and integrity. No ideology, just a civil servant. True service over self. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen Plachta

Fort Lauderdale, Florida