Pegler: Step in right direction |

Pegler: Step in right direction

Logical and practical. Realistic and reasoned. Collaborative and quick to empower others where appropriate. Doer and achiever. All words I’d use to describe Bill Guth.

Aspen isn’t an island, and doesn’t exist without the efforts of so many silent (unable to vote) yet incredibly important stakeholders, from those just outside city lines to those downvalley.

Bill ran a small hotel on Main Street staffed mostly by people commuting from beyond the roundabout, and his campaign is sympathetic to their experience dealing with ongoing traffic snarls each day.

Bill opened a restaurant and bar in Aspen, and this experience gives him an unrivaled understanding of the issues facing our food & beverage industry and what it will take to help reestablish local venues.

Bill is raising a young family, and considers the child-care issues facing Aspen from the practical position of being a father.

Bill has received awards from the Historical Preservation Commission for projects that restored our Victorian architecture to its former glory, guaranteeing this history, character and soul of Aspen lives to fight on for a few more decades at least.

Putting on his developer hat, Bill has unique insight into the permitting and planning processes that have log jammed our downtown core, and can bring practical solutions to get these stalled and unsightly construction projects moving forwards once more. Combined, this real world experience that Bill brings to the table would restore balance to our City Council.

Our town and its very existence have been questioned recently, but we are not so far off the rails that we cannot restore this place to its former glory. Electing Bill Guth to Aspen City Council would be an excellent step in the right direction.

Andrew Pegler