Paussa: Only requires voting

Unless we get a speeding ticket, most of us don’t interact with the Sheriff’s Office. That doesn’t mean the sheriff isn’t important. We need a well-run department with happy deputies. Buglione or DiSalvo?

DiSalvo hired Kim Vallario to run our jail. (She’s the wife of Garfield Sheriff and rabid Lauren Boebert supporter Lou Vallario. Braudis would never have done that.) He pals around with and accepts gifts from his buddy, Lance Armstrong, the confessed doper who drunkenly pin-balled off cars driving through the West End and hid behind his girlfriend when the cops came knocking. Neither is the end of the world, but it sure smells bad. 

Buglione’s campaign has a problem: He’s not that well-known. So, I called him and found out: Michael was hired by Braudis from the Aspen Police Department. While there, he was director of operations, field training officer and senior jail officer. His continuing education included FBI hostage negotiation and leadership training. He trained officers from departments in the valley in self-defense tactics. In 2013, he managed a 19-hour hostage stand-off here. He was deputy coroner for 10 years. He served on the board of Aspen Fire and Aspen Hope Center.   

His construction management experience includes bids, budgets, schedules and supervision of subcontractors on multi-million dollar projects. 

He led the security detail for Celine Dion during her long run in Las Vegas and was responsible for her safety at venues in the United States and Europe.  

Michael Buglione is the underdog. His chances are tough, unless you vote for him.

Jim Paussa

Snowmass Village