Palmer: Straight shot not so direct

Matthew Damore: In your letter (Aspen Times, May 18) you advocate the straight shot (Preferred Alternative) to lessen the traffic congestion in your neighborhood (6th and Main).

With the straight shot there will be a required traffic light at 7th and Main.

Also, the 7th and Main intersection will have to allow pedestrian crossings, which will add additional time to the red lights.

All Cemetery Lane traffic will be routed into town, as there will be no right turns and no road to the right connecting to the roundabout.

Please take a look at the Aspen Daily News, May 11, “A better path forward”; and the Aspen Times, May 22, “Council directives on the Castle Creek Bridge.” 

There are alternatives to the straight shot which would benefit your neighborhood and Aspen’s traffic problems.

Helen Palmer