Paley: Recaptured soul in Aspen |

Paley: Recaptured soul in Aspen

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Friday’s opening of PARC Aspen was filled with emotion and reflective moments. It began with days of anxiety on what it would be like to return to a space that has captured unforgettable memories.

Our bar table was a small group with decades of local history in this incredible community. We naturally wanted to know the names of all the staff. Why? 620 E. Hyman Ave is a place with soul. A place where we have connected with members of our community, where we have met complete strangers, and embraced them as if we’ve known them all our lives.

All credit to PARC Aspen for they have successfully captured the soul of this iconic ski town. Thank you for bringing it back. 

Douglas Paley