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P. Clapper: Need to keep this going

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

There are no boundaries, no city, or county “limits” when it comes to wildfire, wildlife, and the weather. And, the same goes when it comes to preserving and maintaining open spaces, especially here in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Without the cooperative funding efforts between the Pitkin County Open Space and City of Aspen Open Space departments, our community, our valley, would not have been able to conserve and protect the many places so unique, so valued, and so special — not only to those of us who live here, but also our visitors and guests.

The need to continue to fund the city of Aspen’s Parks and Open Space Program is of great importance.

Yes, many acquisitions have been made, but there are more acquisition out there just waiting to be made. Even more is that all the acquisitions need to be maintained in perpetuity, thus the need for funding in perpetuity … thus the need for Aspen voters to vote “Yes” on 2B!

Patti Clapper