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Overeynder: Always learning

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Thank you Stephanie Soldner for giving us tips on how to use Aspen Parking Department’s new free 15 minute parking system. (Aspen Times, Letter to the Editor, 10/28/22.)

I will add Tip No. 9: If the PayByPhone App that worked perfectly fine last year doesn’t work this year, delete the app and download the latest version. The new app remembers all your user information. 

Next, we all get to learn how to use Aspen Valley Hospital’s new app called MyChart to access our medical information. My tip for that is to call the Helpline if you need assistance, and be patient because it may take several days to get your questions answered by email or a return phone call.

We also get to learn how to use Pitkin County Library’s new app called Libby to download books. My tip for that is to go to the library and get live help and hope you remember what they teach you.

It seems to me that I am spending way too much time learning how to use new apps, but I’m told they are all an improvement and besides, it’s good to challenge my brain.

Debbie Overeynder