Otten: Entrance plan makes no sense

My wife and I own a home near Marolt and frequently walk our dog on that open space.

It is treasured land to be preserved and cherished. The diverse uses of Marolt year-round are a testament to the enduring value of open space. Indeed, the voters of Aspen just overwhelmingly approved maintaining a tax for open space.

It, therefore, comes as a great surprise that, on the heels of that vote, the city would put forth a proposition, which would irrevocably transform and destroy the Marolt space as we know it.

The city would bisect the land with a five-lane highway. Traffic would back up on the surface of Marolt all day. What the city laughingly calls a “land bridge” achieves no meaningful purpose. Does the city propose to add signage directing wild animals that this is where they should cross the expressway?

In a town where we all treasure our open space, the proposal is completely contrary to the spirit of the community. This is our land — not some subdivision to be carved and diced up by developers. But, that is how the city is treating it. Should the City Council disregard the will of the community and place on a ballot anything that affects Marolt in any manner, it should be resoundingly defeated.

Doug Otten

Aspen and Dallas