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Oswalt: It’s time to retire

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We pay Sheriff DiSalvo a full time salary, but it seems we get a part-time employee — who is either off schlepping vodka (The Aspen Times, April 10) or in Palm Springs, spending up to eight weeks of the year there. Says Joe, “as an elected official, I don’t have vacation time limits.” (Aspen Daily News, Sept. 19).

His attack against Buglione is about an “incident” at Bumps for which Joe shares the blame. Joe cites an “investigation” from the assistant county manager, who had no investigative authority, could not be impartial or fair and was only trying to avoid a potential lawsuit. Did Joe forget his office sent Buglione to a leadership training out of town? Then, he demoted Buglione for going. Should this incident be disqualifying to be sheriff?

Joe punched a man in the face as deputy sheriff (report #04A000869) and kept his job and went on to become sheriff. Recently, he allowed a deputy who received a DUI and hit a parked car return to work. Where’s the consistency?

Joe is belittling Buglione’s law-enforcement experience. Huh? Michael has served our community for over 17 years. His dedication to the community is exceptional, volunteering his time as a board member at the HOPE Center for 12 years. As deputy coroner, Michael saw first-hand the devastating effects of the suicide and addiction crisis plaguing Pitkin County, and these issues are the cornerstone of Michael’s platform.

Michael is a parent and grandparent with deep roots in Pitkin County. He knows the importance of safe schools. He knows the value of ensuring his deputies have a place to live here. Twelve years is long enough to serve, Joe. It’s time for a change in Pitkin County. Vote for Buglione on Nov. 8. 

Stacey Oswalt