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O’Sullivan: 2A off the mark

I am writing on behalf of The Aspen Square Hotel regarding the STR tax ballot measure 2A. 

The Aspen Square paid $262,000 more in property taxes as a mixed-use property than our direct competitor, the Limelight, and contributed another $274,000 in RETT taxes in 2021 — for a total of over a half a million dollars more than the STR tax, permit and license excluded property. 

The Aspen Square houses 38% of our workforce in HOA-owned, deed-restricted, rent-subsidized properties. 

The Aspen Square has all the same expenses and amenities as a hotel and fractional. We already contribute to infrastructure mitigation the same as they do.

We are not the cause and have contributed as much as possible to the community since our inception in 1968. We want to be a part of greater solution, but the STR tax is not it and misses the mark completely.

This is clearly an unfair and burdensome tax question that will hurt the Aspen Square Hotels’ employees and the community in general.

The request for additional coffer taxes and has been highly misrepresented. Aspen voters deserve a chance to consider a straight-forward, equitable and effective plan to address affordable-housing issues with a clear outline where the monies are going.

A large portion of the tax will be used to allocate funds to infrastructure and other projects that were fiscally irresponsibly budgeted for — not for affordable housing. Please vote no on 2A!

Lisa O’Sullivan