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Oliphant: Big heart for Snowmass

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing to highly recommend voting for Britta Gustafson for Snowmass Village Town Council. I have known Britta well for years, as an outstanding community member, hard worker and contributor to the well being of the community. 

Her work ethic and life ethic are outstanding from day one, with an extraordinary resume of strength and diversity. She has worked and contributed to the community all her life, independently raised two children and worked on many boards and volunteer organizations.

She is forward-thinking, highly-tuned, sensitive to the community needs and puts the beloved community of Snowmass Village — where she grew up — first!

Britta works as a superior journalist and publisher for the local news paper, various periodicals and magazines ! 

She is highly-tuned to the town’s challenges and struggles and feels it time to contribute her knowledge, experience and history in the town, with a present-day perspective, from the depth of her commitment to the town. 

Britta’s passion and concern for the future growth of the community of workers, guests, visitors and locals come together in collaboration around this magnificent setting of Snowmass Village.

She is a team player and works efficiently and well with all members of the team!    

Britta is passionate about stewarding and preserving the environment and the surrounding wildlife. 
I know she will be an enormous, creative, collaborative addition to the Town Council of Snowmass Village. 

Very sincerely, from a deep place in my heart for the Snowmass community and Britta!   

Gracie Oliphant

Snowmass Village