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O’Leary: We’re voting for vitality

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are voting for Torre for mayor and Skippy for City Council because they are not aligned with Elizabeth Milias. They do not share her philosophy about the future of Aspen where working families are not welcomed. 

Both Torre and Skippy share our philosophy that Aspen is a place that must maintain a diverse community of single folks, working families with children, as well as families with greater means — working or not.

A diverse community creates the opportunity to experience different cultures and viewpoints, which only broadens our thinking and enhances our acceptance of others instead of insulating us with similar and like-minded people, which only leads to intolerance.

A diverse community will keep the Aspen that many of us moved here to enjoy and that provides the vitality that attracts a broad range of visitors, which is the lifeblood of our community and economy. 

That is why we are voting for Torre for mayor and Skippy for Council. 

Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary