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Oates: Always an excellent mentor

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’ve known Mr. Buglione (Mr. B) since I was 12 years old. I’ve been very close friends from childhood with both of his resilient and highly-successful daughters, Linda and Nicole Buglione. What Michael taught his children rubbed off on me and helped me be a successful and positively contributing member of the Aspen community and beyond.

Michael has always been an excellent mentor to all who sought his advice and mentorship. Since grade school, I have always looked up to him, especially when he served as a Pitkin County sheriff’s sergeant and deputy, where he contributed to the betterment of society, especially focusing on the most at risk among us.

All the white noise and misinformation about the alleged Bumps party incident is ridiculous, as kids here never had a better advocate and mentor, both in and out of uniform, than Michael. 

I also know that he was especially helpful and compassionate working with our homeless population — oftentimes, and even outside of duty hours, assisting my parents in their outreach to the valley’s homeless military veterans and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

I 100% will be voting for Michael for sheriff. He is the right candidate who will be all in for the job. I encourage all registered Pitkin County voters to support his candidacy, as well.

Ellie Oates