Norman: The problems with Highway 82 |

Norman: The problems with Highway 82

Has Pitkin County Commissioner Patti Clapper driven up or down Highway 82 during rush hour in the last decade? I opine she is confused or out of touch with the reality of traffic on Highway 82.  

I drive 5 mph over the posted limit in the right lane, and get passed by vehicles in the left lane as if I am standing still. It would be a great contributor to others road rage if I were to drive in the left lane at that slow of a speed. 

When commuting in the Prius, wave upon wave of vehicles pass me, and I often catch up with some of them at one of the many stop lights. When commuting on the motorcycle, I go the speed of traffic. This reduces my exposure to waves of pot-vaping cellphone gazing asshats! The average speed in this instance is 78 mph up or down the valley. 

Single occupant vehicles going the speed limit or slightly over in the HOV lane are not the problem. Don’t make them a problem by mandating they drive in the lane we were all taught not to drive in as youngsters in drivers ed. 

Speeding is the problem. The design of State Highway 82 is the problem. The S-curves are the problem. The bottleneck at Buttermilk is the problem. The two traffic lights on each side of the roundabout are the problem! 

John Norman