Norman: Stop the bloviating |

Norman: Stop the bloviating

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I sat in the Aspen bottle neck traffic (exacerbated by the nonstop Castle Creek bridge maintenance). 

I looked over at the $10 million to $71.5 million private jets sitting queued for takeoff. Then a humorous realization struck me: Upon return to their second, third, fourthor more “home,” and regardless of their astronomical wealth, they too will idle (probably in a limo) spewing emissions, waiting to merge into a single lane for the last three miles into Aspen.

Time is money. So I’m not sure how much this 45-minute trip would cost a billionaire! Maybe one day they will bitch enough to make a straight shot happen.

What is the point of growing any airport facilities (runway) if the powers that be don’t improve, increase and grow the main artery pumping the life blood into the Gates of Eden!

Aspen has lost all of its small-town charm. It has become an enclave for the uber rich to show off via Tiktok, the Gram or other social-media outlet.

Change is not always easy, comfortable or desired. But this valley has changed a lot in the 25 years I have been here. It is irresponsible to maintain the decrepit single-lane bridge and S-curves of yesteryear! All while claiming you are an environmentally sustainable green city! 

Stop the adult male cow manure and make meaningful decisions for the change of tomorrow. Not all may like it, but they will come to accept it as necessary!

John Norman 


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