Norman: Looks like same ol’ to me |

Norman: Looks like same ol’ to me

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

“He made his start by crafting ‘durable’ gear for he and his friend’s outdoor adventures” (Patagonia’s pitch for the planet, The Aspen Times, Sept. 25).  The article continues: “Patagonia may not fully claim they are a ‘fashion’ business, but they still produce new apparel every year.”

If the garments are so durable, you care about the environment so much and know the fashion industry is said to be one of the most polluting industries in the world (trailing the oil and gas industry), why produce new fashion items every year? 

Why not give the environment a break every other year? Produce new items every two years? Allegedly the durable gear and fashion items can last more than a single year, and this would really be a “new capitalism.”  It would also be putting your money (or profits) where you mouth is!

Try to talk the talk, and take a new environmentally-friendly walk.

John Norman