Nichols: Knows our community

As a former prosecutor and judge in Pitkin County (retired 2015), I have worked with both Michael Buglione and Joe DiSalvo. Michael Buglione believes in and will practice the Kienast-Braudis humane, thoughtful, solution-oriented, and forward-looking approach to law enforcement that has made our county a unique and decent place to live.

This does not mean he will return only to what has worked in the past. Rather, Michael will follow this humane, solution-oriented approach to address the new and persistent challenges that law enforcement must address, one of which is the ever-increasing number of people with mental-health issues in our criminal-justice system.

Michael has 10 years’ service as a founding board member and current advisory board member of the Aspen Hope Center. He has the knowledge from experience to provide solutions on how to address the mental-health issues of those in our criminal-justice system.

He has successfully supervised numerous employees during his years in the construction industry. Compare this to the numerous critical letters to the editor of former employees of his opponent. Michael has 17 years of law-enforcement experience with the Aspen Police and the Pitkin County sheriff — he knows our community.

He opposes building a new jail because: (1) the current, recently refurbished, jail is safe and can offer the programs and rehabilitation services so necessary to promote the inmates’ and community’s welfare; and (2) any available money would be better spent on employee housing for deputies. 

Vote for change and for Buglione for Pitkin County sheriff.

Gail H. Nichols