Neubecker: Miss his steady hand |

Neubecker: Miss his steady hand

I was upset to learn of Bob Rankin’s resignation from the Colorado State Senate. I am sure he has his reasons, personal or political. That is really none of my business.

But I feel a loss, personally, for our West Slope and for Colorado.

Bob was, is, a friend of mine, a friendship I have cherished for years. 

During much of his tenure, both as a state representative and a state senator, I was registered as a Democrat, primarily due to the Trumpublican regime. But I always voted for Bob. We disagreed on many things, but when it came to Bob’s role and work in the Legislature, that didn’t matter. Yes, he was and is a man of conservative principles, some of which I don’t agree, but surprisingly in many ways I do. 

What mattered to me most was that Bob was, and is, a man of integrity, a man who fought for the good of both the West Slope and all of Colorado. He was, as he told me, a problem solver, regardless of party and ideology. And he was. I hope that he still will be.

I’ve rarely meet anyone of his intelligence or ability in politics. His resignation, especially at this moment, is a loss for all of us in Colorado. I will miss his steady hand, his ability to work with others and his ability to help all of us solve the serious problems we face. Perhaps most of all I will miss his ability to listen, listen to all who he represented, and especially his wonderful sense of humor even with the most serious subjects.

Bob, we will all miss you, whether we know that or not.

Ken Neubecker

Glenwood Springs