Nelson: All about respect

As a former Pitkin County jail deputy, I worked with Jail Administrator Don Bird. He modeled to both deputies and to inmates an attitude of respect, dignity, fairness and compassion. If I was having an off-day, Don would sit down with me and kindly offer another perspective on things.

Not Sheriff Joe DiSalvo. On one of his rare visits to the jail, he made an unbelievably cruel comment to me that he dismissed as a joke. My wife and I had just recently adopted a newborn girl. We had waited for years to have children, so we were excited about having our first child. While I was talking to another deputy about the adoption of our daughter, DiSalvo came up to me and said, “Nelson, only you can (…) that up” and then laughed. I felt crushed. What I learned that day was that Joe DiSalvo is anything but respectful — even to his own deputies. 

Conversely, when Michael Buglione was demoted to jail deputy, Michael came into the jail with a smile on his face, an incredible attitude and total respect for the jail staff. He chose to take the high road of respect, dignity and compassion. 

Michael Buglione will do the same as Pitkin sheriff. Please vote Buglione for sheriff. 

Scott Nelson

El Jebel