Nelson: About truth, not disgruntlement |

Nelson: About truth, not disgruntlement

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Disgruntled. Vitriolic. Bullying. Intimidation. Words that are much more appropriate in describing the environment that Sheriff DiSalvo has recently created. Things may look good on the outside — but not on the inside. It’s what is on the inside that truly matters.

Rarely do we get a glimpse of a candidate’s inner story during election season. But, it’s that inner story that truly counts, especially if you care about values such as integrity, excellence, innovation, respect, transparency, accountability, and service, as listed under “Our Values” on the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office website. 

Truth is truth. When we are confronted with the truth about us, most of us tend to become defensive. We tend to avoid the truth we are presented with about ourselves. Disregarding that truth, though, does not negate the truth about us. The truth is still there whether we deny or ignore it. 

The truth is, Sheriff DiSalvo has neglected to exhibit, model, and mentor others in the very values of the Sheriff’s Office. The list of examples of such neglect have been presented by many others via the local media. It’s not about disgruntlement or being vitriolic. It’s about the truth. The truth is leadership needs to exhibit the values they profess to possess. The question is will you vote for that kind of leader? 

,Vote for the truth. Vote for the Sheriff’s Office. Vote for integrity, excellence, innovation, respect, transparency, accountability and service. 

Please vote for Michael Buglione for Pitkin County sheriff.

Scott Nelson

El Jebel