Myrin a man of the people |

Myrin a man of the people

With my office in Aspen but living in Basalt, I have reviewed the actions, words and platforms of the candidates running for Aspen City Council.

Bert Myrin is a standout. He is by far the best candidate for council. He has consistently demonstrated that he represents the average citizen. He does not kiss up to, cower, or scratch his head in confusion when dealing with the bullies holding sticks and carrots in alternating hands — all while the smokescreen machines run in the background. He is smart and a real estate professional who knows the business, but is not one who can be influenced by those pushing for ill-conceived and greedy development as he understands entitlements, zoning and fairness.

Bert makes decisions which others would be afraid to make. The press has at times tried to diminish Bert, calling him a squeaky wheel. He is a squeaky wheel for justice.

Mark Kwiecienski