Murdock: Ski town values |

Murdock: Ski town values

I support Torre for mayor as he represents ski town values where everybody belongs. Our flannel shirt-wearing locals are an endangered species in Aspen. Too many locals can’t afford to eat in most of our restaurants or rent a place in town.

Let’s not lose our soul, our values and our ski culture. Aspen is and rightfully should remain a ski town first, not a real estate-driven dystopia where we trade livability for the constant shrill of jackhammers and breeze-filled fumes of carbon monoxide. A walk along Main Street at 4 p.m. is not the same as it was in 1989, 1999 or even 2009. 

As a business person, I see forces that are driving the depreciation of Aspen’s brand because we are trading quality of life for short-term greed. What kind of place does Aspen become when our children can’t afford to live here? Can’t afford to start their own business in town? What kind of parents are we to support policies that make our town into a shopping mall?

Once we walk away from what makes us special, then we have to ask ourselves: Who are we really?

Jerry Murdock