Mullins: Half-penny for the future |

Mullins: Half-penny for the future

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The snow this weekend has me looking forward to another winter of skiing. A few laps around North Star Preserve can be the highlight of a winter day or a warmup for more activities and our half-penny tax makes these Nordic trails possible. This tax has led to the creation of the Aspen Rec Center, Sky Mountain Park, Cozy Point Ranch, John Denver Sanctuary, Iselin Pickleball Courts and so much more.

Renewing this tax in perpetuity will allow the city to continue this work, whether acquiring more open space or developing more recreational facilities while maintaining all the assets we have.

But most important by passing Ballot 2B we can dependably protect and maintain our recreational and natural resources into the future. A half-penny now equals an invaluable future. Vote yes on 2B.

Ann Mullins