Mulcahy: Bastions of a free society

Eagle County Democrat District Attorney Heidi McCollum should be complimented on how she held law enforcement accountable for the murder of Christian Glass.

What is perplexing is her use of taxpayer money to propagate Big Pharma’s agenda by throwing a Dillon “magic mushroom” vendor in prison for two to four years after recent Proposition 122 decriminalized mushrooms.

Still worse is her efforts to criminalize free speech on public lands via the State’s prosecution of Vail Resort’s most famous critic, Vail’s Chicken Man (Government v. Tim McMahon). See

The ability to criticize our masters is one of the last bastions of a free society. Our revolutionary forefathers promised “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Heidi should do the citizens a big favor by freeing both the Mushroom Man and the Chicken Man before July 4. God bless America.

Lee Mulcahy