Mooney: Working for cleaner future |

Mooney: Working for cleaner future

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Roaring Fork Valley is blessed with a lot of smart dedicated people who are working to make the environmental future of my eight great nieces and nephews better.  

Amory Lovins’ Rocky Mountain Institute is a powerhouse of good news and is focused on profitable innovations for energy and resource efficiency. He is leading Aspen Fly Right, an independent, noncommercial, nonprofit and nonpartisan public charity working to get us the best airport possible.

Some of the other organizations are CLEER (CLean Energy Economy for the Region), 350 Roaring Fork Valley, the Aspen Global Change Institute, and the county Aspen Airport Advisory Board.

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency assesses homes and businesses for your next best improvement. Ask Tim John’s ( any question about how to improve your bottom line, or what their up to $50,000 grants can do for you.

Tom Mooney