Mooney: Straight shot makes most sense |

Mooney: Straight shot makes most sense

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A new bridge over Castle Creek is coming, and it is a given that a bunch of very wealthy people will not be pleased. The old bridge is deteriorating. Concrete cracks and steel rusts. We are looking at the state imposing weight restrictions. 

A huge brouhaha is brewing. Either a whole bunch of free market homes on either the north or south side of West Hallam Street will be demolished or we can build a four-lane straight shot over the canyon entering its cut-and-cover tunnel looking good.

Two lanes for private vehicles and two lanes for RFTA buses and other high priority vehicles like ambulances and cop cars makes the most sense. The synergy of efficiency by maximizing RFTA actually is good for private vehicles. The more RFTA displaces private vehicles, the less private vehicles clog up the road.

Tom Mooney