Mooney: Simple as that

The FAA is a tired, stuck-in-the-mud bureaucracy. They can’t figure out that future aviation technology is wide open. The growing global culture war between energy producers is at a “good news” tipping point: Tesla model Y first quarter 2023 outsold the Toyota Corolla.

The FAA wants the county commissioners to pick one technology infrastructure investment before they deem our vision of the future worthy of consideration.

Take local control of the FBO, use the profits from selling aviation gas to improve both the airside and the landside, build a new commercial passenger terminal, install a bunch of PV panels over both short-term and long-term parking, and invest in electric airplane charging infrastructure.

I’d like to charter a Lilium. It’s a quiet electric vertical takeoff and landing jet for my friends and I to hop over to Denver with our bicycles and a picnic basket.

Tom Mooney