Mooney: Of hummingbirds and children playing |

Mooney: Of hummingbirds and children playing

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It takes a lot of faith and a bit of patience to understand the beauty of mini habitat gardens. Who doesn’t love seeing bees and hummingbirds enjoying perennial flowers? Barcelona’s idyllic Superblocks have tiny gardens to support these little flying wonders, and, in return, these adorable fliers support human happiness.

Googling “top 10 car-free vacations” gets the usual, plus Aspen. Apparently, our bus system being one of the best in the world, lucky us, puts us in the top 10.

Cars are not forbidden on these kid-friendly super blocks. They are allowed on one lane one-ways when they need to be there, and they do not get priority. Likewise, ambulances and delivery trucks co-exist peacefully and safely because the speed limit is a mere 10 mph. It’s a beautiful, messy vitality.

Next to watching hummingbirds, watching little kids playing safely with their parents where they weren’t allowed before rates at the top of my urban experiences. 

Tom Mooney