Mooney: Go America, be great |

Mooney: Go America, be great

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am so thankful for Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, the costumed rebels who threw English tea into Boston harbor (LOL) and all of the others who helped and fought for American freedom in the 1770s. Our fight for independence from our unwelcome overseers needed help. Benjamin got lots of munitions from France (lucky us), we won, the English left us alone and now we are friends.

Now, it is our turn to support democracy and freedom. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine by supplying support and weapons of war. Pres. Zelensky is their George Washington — both were outnumbered. George beat the British troops, and they either sailed back to England, were buried here or perhaps they switched sides and settled down here. Some of them didn’t like their dictator king.

Go America, be great.

Tom Mooney