Mooney: Every restaurant can do it |

Mooney: Every restaurant can do it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A big bravo goes out to the City Council for passing the organic-waste diversion ordinance. Another bravo goes to the St. Regis for already being on board. Not only did they spend time at the council’s Feb. 28 meeting, explaining like Rosie the Riveter that “We can do it,” they offered any restaurant their knowledge.

Yes, it takes a few months to institute new standard operating procedures and to train the people who need to know — and perhaps “to go” supplies need to be analyzed for compostability. This effort supports the county’s landfill in many ways. An impressive two-way channel of communication has been established by city staff to answer any questions.

More and more, people are making sustainability resolutions. It was grand to hear Councilman Hauenstein’s remark that every restaurant he talked to agreed that this needs to be done. So much for unenlightened, ignorant, conspicuous consumption accelerating the Keeling Curve (Wikipedia it).

Tom Mooney