Mooney: Dark forces and a charge |

Mooney: Dark forces and a charge

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Aspen politics are running hot and heavy again. The amount of dark money is surprising, which doesn’t surprise me because powerful, private-interest groups have engaged.

That we can do better is a meaningless platitude right up there with “Make America Great Again.” Both slogans mask the groups true motivations, like the decimation of community at the altar of Mammon for the former, and the elimination of abortion rights and railroad safety regulations for the latter. So much for democratic transparency.

The transition to battery electric vehicles is happening. Tesla’s smart charging plug is now the universal standard. The Biden administration finalized a $7.5 billion plan to build 370,000 electric vehicle chargers. Change is happening a lot faster than most people realize. This is great news for anybody living within a quarter mile of a big road. Who doesn’t love clean mountain air?

Tom Mooney