Mooney: Better engine for flying |

Mooney: Better engine for flying

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Pitkin County commissioners, now more than ever you need to think about the future. The future of transportation to anyone who isn’t asleep is electric.

My favorite electric Vertical TakeOff/Landing, eVTOL, jet is the German Lilium. With acoustic liners inside their Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust jets, they are quieter than fossil fuel jet engines and with zero global warming exhaust, they can displace the current lineup of fossil fuel pigs at our airport. Time to put on your thinking caps.

The current airport vision is stuck in the past and unfortunately doesn’t even consider the infrastructure needed to service clean electric jets. The plan isn’t to reduce global warming pollution. It’s to increase global warming pollution.

With all the money you are going to save by not demolishing the current runway, you can easily afford to leave a cleaner and more sustainable future for future generations. Put a plaque up in both terminals to the first person who flies in on their private electric jet and require the new private terminal operator to offer electric services.

Tom Mooney