Mooney: A cult is worse than merely wok |

Mooney: A cult is worse than merely wok

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Comedian Bill Maher has given more than $1 million to presidential candidates belonging to both parties. He insults both party’s extremes, that being “woke” and MAGA. He explains that these new liberal and conservative extremes are non-compromising, not open to other viewpoints, and insane.

He disagrees with both extremes, yet he only uses the label of political cult to describe MAGA, as cults thrive on one leader. The Democratic woke bunch in Congress isn’t that organized. Cult leaders don’t admit mistakes or defeats. They don’t play well with others, and good sportsmanship is an alien concept to them. 

When you don’t have democracy, the strongest dictator rules like a king. When you don’t believe in innovation or have an open mind, you are part of the problem.

Tom Mooney