Money is critical to growing demand for public education in Aspen

To our Aspen public school families (new and old),

Our local community is growing at an unprecedented rate. As of today, there are over 100 new students enrolled in our Aspen public schools for the 2020-21 school year. Typically, we welcome 15 new students each year. Our district is working around the clock to plan and prepare. Everyone is stepping up to the challenge — from our new superintendent, the teachers, principals, the district and front offices to the custodial staff, the Board of Education, parents and volunteers.

But we need your help.

Currently, the district is trying to hire more teachers, create new learning spaces, and order supplies to accommodate the growing number of students. Major precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff as we work to open schools. At the same time, the district is investing in new programs and technology should our schools be online. We are preparing for any scenario — with a priority on safety.

This takes money — and comes at a time when the state of Colorado is making massive budget cuts. Aspen is fortunate to have safe, strong public schools — but we need your help to make this challenging year a success. Our school district is exceptional only because our local families support our schools financially.

If you are new to our valley, or have been unable to support our public school in the past, please give to our schools today.

Please visit or email to make a gift. The funds raised will directly impact this next school year — by hiring teachers, creating space, expanding our programs, and ensuring a safe learning environment. This level of public education is not free. Our public schools are the backbone of our communities. There has never been a more critical time to support your local schools.

Thank you.

Raifie Bass, Bob Bowden, Marla Butler, Diana Ettlinger, Kurt Hall, Cari Kuhlman, Craig Navias, Ken Ramberg, Maxwell Rispoli, Craig Rogers, Mary Scanlan, Bradley Schlosser, Jeannie Seybold, Rich Simeone, Elizabeth Slossberg, Paul Sohn, Michelle Stiller, Alan Tralins, Katie Kissane Viola

Members, Aspen Education Foundation board

Cynthia Chase

Executive director, Aspen Education Foundation

Michelle Sherlock

Assistant director, Aspen Education Foundation


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